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"I am speaking now normally (most of the time) because of you. I think you could help a lot of people there" ~ Anne-Marie (concussion)

"My reflexes are much better. If I have an unsteady moment a hand shoots out instantly to grab something. Before the machine I could not recognize that unsteady moment, and my hand or body had no reflex reaction." ~ Arlene (concussion)

"He became much calmer, able to sleep through the night except to get up to the bathroom, the back to sleep. There is less wandering, more cooperation and able to problem solve, like see the door hinge was broken, find the right screw driver and fit it without prompting. We were all shocked!" ~ Nancy, family caregiver of husband with dementia 

"We finally found our way to Marney and Anita a year ago this fall. Since then in our experience, their vision of LLLT has significantly decreased or eliminated severe symptoms left lingering and unaddressed by traditional treatment modalities." ~ Drew (concussion)

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